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Boost Your Online Sales Part 1 - Embrace Reviews

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Don't ignore the power of your customers, an online review is as like recieving a personal recommendation and at the end of the day its the opinion of your customers that count.

Showing reviews indicates your a honest online business and not trying to hide anything from your visitors. And whilst not all reviews will be good you should not hide away from these, rather you should embrace them and use to improve you business practices.

Your team should be giving 100% excellent customer service, any bad reviews should move you to evaluate your company procedures. Poor product reviews again should force you to re-evaluate, was it a one off, is there a persistant issue, if so should you buy that product again?

Keep the good and bad reviews visible on your site, don't feel that by having 1 or 2 negative reviews as detrimental to your business, its how you deal with that negativity that counts.

Be open and honest, most review systems will allow the option to leave a response, make sure you do. Make it an honest response, if you messed up - fess up! Mistakes happen people just want to see how you deal with these issue, apologise for the inconveince, ask the customer to get in touch or indicate what you did to resolve the problem.

Keep the response polite and to the point when online, you'll want to be contacting the customer directly as well to resolve it fully. Dealing with any issues will give that customer the confidence to hopefully come back and purchase again.

There are plenty of plugins nowadays that will help you manage reviews without major developer involvement and there are options to suit all budgets so there is no excuse not to add reviews to your site, unless you have something to actually hide......

Online reviews benefit everyone, but ultimately boosting your merchant credibilty, improving your seach rankings and increasing conversion rates, how can you continue to ignore them?

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